Dear customers,


We are pleased to present our new PERCUSSION® collection. In this catalogue you will find the largest range of clothes, boots, shoes and accessories for hunting enthusiasts. For whatever kind of hunting – Driven shooting, Wildfowling, Deer stalking, Rough shooting, Pigeon shooting –, whatever the weather – hot, cold, dry, wet –, you will find in our collection the articles you are looking for. Fulfilling all possible uses, our products are innovative, attractive, practical and resistant. They give the best value for money on the market. We are highly attentive to every detail and all our products are subject to strict manufacturing requirements.

All our garments are made in the most suitable material according to their end purpose. The characteristics of the fabrics, that we select are checked in the laboratories of the French Textile and Clothing Institute. We test all our garments in reallife situations to guarantee practicality, comfort and durability to consumers. For 20 years, we have done the best to provide the most researched and competitive products. We shall continue our efforts to satisfy you and merit the trust that you have shown us.


The Treesco Team